An urban fantasia of alternate histories, archaic technologies and gothic Victoriana, where genteel werewolves prowl the gaslit streets, and dissolute angels make their pacts with the scions of hidden knowledge.


Cursed with both destructive potential and persistent humanity, Matthew Arktouros must ponder his cautious philosophy in the face of a menace that cannot be contained. An anomalist and his daughter must discern the indistinct line between otherworldly evil and that which comes naturally to woman and man. And the orphans of history, immortal and unchanging, must face their past in the form of an old foe, the puppet-master of a malevolent spirit known only as the Grinning Man.

An adventuresome blend of black humor, action and suspense, with a vivid cast of characters and a world that comes to life on the page, The Bearkeeper is fantasy for the serious reader.

Uncanny Indianapolis: featuring stories by Kelli Kern, Chris Canary, Rose Streif, Amanda Dailey-Weaver, S. Ashley Couts, and Jonathan R. Chase.

- An office worker is embroiled in a peculiar moral dilemma concerning her CEO.

- Two students of the magical arts travel an apocalyptic wasteland populated with strange terrors.

- A vampire gets more than he bargains for when he bites a woman tripping on acid.

- An angel of death and an angel of chaos must rectify a missed assignment.

- Evil faces evil when the carnival comes to town.

- A man is forced to reassess his life when faced with a literal breakdown of reality.

Weird nightmares, fantastic visions and haunted dreams populate this anthology of tales featuring the Circle City as it never was.

Night Music: Three Tales of The Secret History

"A Mass for Arrah" - When a clockmaker's automaton begins to malfunction, a New Orleans anomalist and her wolfen partner must decode its enigmatic message in relation to a recent murder.

"Pretty Polly" - While researching a case of bigamy for a direct superior, a young police secretary uncovers something far more sinister.

"The Wolves of Draper Hollow" - Having left his home on the tundra, a White Wolf settles in the heat-drenched forests of the lower Midwest. What he is doing there is anyone's guess, but a daughter of the Yellowwood Clan is about to find out.

Seven stories of crisis and change, featuring Jonathan Titchenal, Stephen Hines, Elizabeth Galatis, Dorothy Reede, Julianne Q. Johnson, Nathan Terhune, and Peter Grave5.


- A man stumbles upon the key to either evolution or apocalypse.

- A young girl faces the consequences of her actions in a society where no youthful (girl's) mistakes are tolerated.

- A woman learns that there is more to her insular world than she ever imagined.

- When society falls, one person's harmless fantasy may be another's quest.

- And when society falls, how long can someone possibly last?

- And when the world ends, can one man accept a promise of a hope beyond belief?

- And when the world goes wrong, the only solace may be in Art.


It is the end of the world as we know it.